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udiocollective is a network of producers, djs and artists. We create together and individually, releasing independently and on labels like Sonar Kollektiv and SVNSET WAVES.

Travelling across genres to find the sound that we love.
[UDIO 011] MVSP 005
[UDIO 011] MVSP 004
[UDIO 011] MVSP 003
[UDIO 011] MVSP 002
[UDIO 010] MVSP 001
[UDIO 009] finji & Ondo – No Fear (Thunderpad Edit)
[UDIO 008] finji & Ondo – Bad Souls (single)
[UDIO 007] finji & Ondo – Cheesecake (single)
[UDIO 006] Sumo – Lovely (single)
[UDIO 005] Sumo – Ishiki EP
[UDIO 004] Sumo – Hokori (single)
[UDIO 003] Ondo – Colors in a Grey Suit
[UDIO 002] Ondo – Salvage EP
[UDIO 001] finji – Nothing Makes Sense
video releases
MVSP: Baltic Sea * released: 19/04/21 * link
finji & Ondo: Cheesecake (offical video) * released: 17/04/20 * link
sumo: yapasu (offical video) / courage * released: 10/01/20 * link
ONDO * Co-Founder
Minimalism isn't his strength. Ondo, who has studied music design, is a multi-instrumentalist with a strong passion for richness, harmonies, complex grooves and a pinch of pathos. His music is never boring. Alongside his productions, Ondo has collaborated with performance collectives and developed and exhibited interactive sound installations internationally.
DJ Thunderpad loves the music < 3
SUMO * Cook
For almost ten years now, sumo has been an active DJ playing at clubs and festivals like 0711 club, Freund & Kupferstecher, MTV HipHop Open and the New Fall Festival. Brand events hosted by Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Vogue, Grazia and Mustang are also part of his commercial DJ career.

Sumo is hosting the “0711” show on egoFM and producing a podcast that goes by the name of “Rillencheck”, which colloquially translates to “check the vinyls”, together with the Mercedes-Benz museum and other DJ’s such as Konstantin Sibold, Leif Müller, Dexter, Fatoni and Torch.
FINJI * Tea room
Making sounds that are familiar and comfortable; dragging people into brief moments of rhythmic and harmonic discomfort to then bring them back. Often times, this is the process I’m after when producing. I want people to pull down the corners of their mouth, pinch their eyes and nod their heads while they listen to my music. I believe in connecting individuals with distinctive thinking to create innovative work.
MR_HOPE * Preacher
Hopes and dreams flushing down the memory lane. Professional Sound Designer searching perfection in the imperfect. Praising the Internet as art and violating copyrights by heart, Hope collages everything from then and now to unique, atmospheric flicks. non-border, non-profit, all sense.